Two hands are better than one marker
1+1 = 3 is a drawing object that tries to promote collaborative expression. 
The product is designed for kids (and adults) that want to experience collaboration during their artistic process.
This drawing tool is composed of three wood parts, three plastic caps, and three markers.
The two handles turn independently but input a different movement on the middle part every time they rotate.
This interaction makes the object work as an intermediate between the independent will of the two users, who are gonna create a drawing that represents both intentions or rather would try to collaborate to develop a common planned design. 
The project was developed along with Viktor Matic at the Workshop directed by Mischer’Traxler Design Festival 2012 – Faculty of Design-Art Bolzano-Bozen and then exhibited at Triennale design museum - Come on kids! Festival Curated by Giorgio Camuffo